Trail Descriptions

Golden Eagle Lodge and the Central Gunflint Ski Trail System feature 15 unique trails totaling over 70 km and ranging in difficulty from easy to expert. For reference, here is a link to the trail system map: Trail Map

Old Logging Camp Trail
Easiest to Most Difficult
10.7 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

The Old Logging Camp Trail almost entirely encircles Flour Lake, following sections of an old railroad grade built in the early 1900’s to send crews back into the BWCA, before it was a protected wilderness. The north side, east of the Golden Eagle Lodge, acts as the “main drag” trail, where many other trails connect and spur from. This section of trail gently follows the north shoreline of Flour Lake and is perfect for beginning skiers due to the relatively flat terrain and small hills. West of Golden Eagle Lodge and south of Flour Lake, this trail diverges from the old railroad grade and winds along ridges of glacial eskers, occasionally dropping off of one to climb another. Many small and medium sized hills can be found in these sections.

Red Pine Trail
Most Difficult
3.4 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way Only.

The Red Pine Trail winds through several different year-class red pine plantations and offers some gorgeous overlooks at its apex. This trail spurs off from the Old Logging Camp Trail and begins by climbing steadily uphill until you reach the first vista after ~1km. From this point on, enjoy roller coaster hills back down the other side with a few more smaller uphills thrown in the mix.

Poplar Creek Trail
Easier to Most Difficult
10.2 km Round Trip, Classic Skiing Only, 2-Way Traffic

The loop section of this trail winds through beautiful balsam and black spruce swamps and offers relatively flat terrain, great for beginner skiers. With little undergrowth in the swamp and the nature of black spruce, sight near the forest floor is virtually unhindered except for the trunks of the trees; gorgeous. The connecting portion, between the loop and Ox Cart Trail, features larger hills and more advanced terrain. For the beginners that do not wish to ski the connecting loop, parking is available on Bow Lake road at the trial crossing, allowing one to ski just the loop.

Moose Ridge
Most Difficult
2.1 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way Only.

Start by climbing a hill with the steepest grade on the ski trail system, quickly raising you to an elevation that offers some beautiful views back south, over Flour Lake. Once on top, this trail follows a ridge with quick drops to the north. There are many scenic vistas on Moose Ridge to the north, south, and east with the eastern vistas offering views into the BWCA, over Deer and Moon lakes. Moose Ridge ends with the same bang it started with; enjoy a long downhill that winds its way back into the Logging Camp Trail, ending about 30 feet from the lake edge.

North-South Link Trail
Most Difficult
2.4 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

This trail was built to offer skiers a more direct connecting route between the two resorts on the Central Gunflint Ski Trail System, Golden Eagle Lodge and Bearskin Lodge. The North-South Link Trail crosses both Flour Lake and Aspen Lake along its journey and is a fun trail in its own right offering many short, steep hills when on land.

Beaver Dam Trail
Easier to Most Difficult
9.0 km Round Trip, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way & 2-Way traffic

This windy trail makes a loop around Rudy and Ruby lakes and offers a relatively easy ski for beginners on the north side while providing challenging, short, steep hills on the south side with a few quick corners thrown in the mix. The Beaver Dam Trail is a very fun ski offering a wide range of variation in the environment it traverses. From flat areas to steep hills and from quick curvy down hills to long gradual ones, Beaver Dam Trail features each.

Cabin Loop
Easiest to Intermediate
1.2 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way traffic

Cabin Loop Trail makes a small loop in front of the cabins at Golden Eagle Lodge and around the backside of the resort through forest and atop exposed ledge rock. The lakeside trail is flat and easy for beginner skiers while also allowing cabin guests an easy access to the trail right from their cabin. Once the trail pulls off from the lake, a few hills are introduced as you climb up from the waters edge. The cabin loop trail then reconnects back onto the cabin road and alongside Golden Eagle Lodge’s Trailside Cabin. This trail also features a short spur connecting it to the Old Logging Camp Trail, which runs parallel just to the north.

Bear Cub World Cup
Most Difficult to Expert
8 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way Only

Easily earning the title as the most challenging trail on the system, Bear Cub World Cup puts the skills of even expert skiers to the test. Offering screaming down hills and steep uphills, this trail winds itself up, down, and around the bluffs on the south shore of East Bearskin Lake. Enjoy several hundred year old white pines on your ascent up before reaching the summit at around 2000 feet in elevation. A very fun and enjoyable trail for experienced skiers, it is not recommended for beginners.

Deer Mouse Trail
Moderate Difficulty
2.1 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

Deer Mouse runs from the western side of Red Pine Trail back down to the Old Logging Camp Trail between Cross Fox and Moose Ridge. This trail is very popular due to its picturesque landscape. It features long, fun down hills as well as fairly level section through a small valley located between two ridge lines.

Cross Fox Trail
Most Difficult
1.5 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

Nestled between Red Pines and Moose Ridge Trails, Cross Fox Trail offers itself as another spur loop off the Old Logging Camp Trail. From which ever direction you decide to travel, east-to-west or west-to-east, Cross Fox begins with an easy ascent through lowland forests until it reaches a ridge near its top. Enjoy red pines, white pines, and jack pines as you travel along the ridge. You will go up and down a couple steep hills before the long gradual downhill brings you back to the Old Logging Camp Trail on the other end.

Ox Cart Trail
Easier to Moderate Difficulty
5.2 km Round Trip, Classic Skiing Only, One Way Only

The Ox Cart Trail is a fun loop that follows an old ox cart trail used in the early 1900’s. The trail winds through low-land beaver ponds and alder swamps and finishes after some gradual uphills to a thick pine and spruce forest.

Moose Pasture
1.1 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

An alternative route connecting the Beaver Dam Trail to the Summer Home Road, this trail gives beginners skiers the ability to avoid the more advanced section of lower Beaver Dam Trail. Moose Pasture passes through open woodlands and a young red pine plantation where moose like to frequent; evidence of their visits are often found in the form of tracks which seem to be more prevalent on this trail than on others.

Summer Home Road/Campground Loop
5.0 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, 2-Way Traffic

A very popular and enjoyable trail for beginner skiers as well as for the more advanced who want a trail to just “cruise” down. The Summer Home Road is a relatively flat trail with a couple gradual hills. Enjoy beautiful pine forests as you glide down the north shore of East Bearskin Lake. The Summer Home Road also runs a spur through the East Bearskin Federal Campground providing a unique ski experience through a place normally only visited in the summer.

Wolf Point
Moderate Difficulty
0.6 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way Only

This trail makes a loop off the Old Logging Camp trail, just west of Golden Eagle Lodge. The whole loop as well as the section of the Old Logging Camp between Wolf Point and the lodge are lit for night skiing. Named from the wolves crossing the lake in the winter, wolves would often head to this point to get back on land after leaving the rocky cliff area to the east. Wolf point zigzags on and off glacial eskers providing many short and steep hills. Because of this, only one of the hills have a corner at the bottom providing good practice for beginners wanting to get used to more vertical terrain.

Ridge Run Trail
Easier to Moderate Difficulty
3.2 km, Classic and Skate Skiing, One Way & 2-Way traffic

Ridge Run Trail runs atop the bluffs on the south shore of Flour Lake offering several beautiful overlooks from start to end. Numerous small, quick, curvy hills will meet you on the way as well as one giant one that goes down and right back up. Categorized overall as moderate difficulty, lower Ridge Run offers an easier section that follows a timber harvested area and red pine plantation, similar to Moose Pasture. If you’re looking for a trail that offers high elevation overlooks and vistas, Ridge Run trail does it best.